About Us

1st Security Services of Ohio (1stSSO) is a company you can TRUST!  You can trust us to do what we say, and trust us to do as you direct us to do!

1st Security Services Services of Ohio (1stSSO) provides trained and supervised uniformed armed security officers during non-business hours or around the clock as dictated by the needs of our clients in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton markets.  1stSSO management and key field personnel have more that 95-years of combined industry and/or military experience. Security Officers will have the ability to communicate by cell and radio to 1stSSO’s Management Team and the client’s corporate security staff at all times; and their efforts and effectiveness will be monitored no less than twice during each shift.  Furthermore, 1st SSO Security Officers will carry and have available all the necessary contact information to local police, fire and medical rescue organizations within a 30 mile radius of their assigned locations. They will also become an extension of, and closely cooperate with local law enforcement officers as directed.  1st SSO will conduct training of all facility personnel to heighten the awareness of potential security and safety breaches to optimize service and further mitigate risk.  1st SSO’s Security officers will also provide a detailed description of the individual service/security events for each shift so that client management can review the specific coverage of their facility.

1stSSO develops a unique Statement of Work for each client based on a comprehensive site(s) assessment.  The Statement of Work is review with each client, and approved by each client.  As 1stSSO drives for value-added, favorable long-term relationships Management performs random and frequently ”Quality Service Inspections.”  Furthermore, 1stSSO Management provides monthly Executive Summaries of their performance and a summary of any incidence that have been reported by Security Officers.  Naturally, any incidence reported on any given day is immediately reported to the client and 1stSSO Management.

Currently, 1stSSO Management performs Quality Service Inspections on more than 37% of the shifts it staffs to insure that the deliverable agreed to is in fact received.

Because optimum security solutions involved many other resources and technologies, 1stSSO has developed synergistic relationships with other security companies that provide quality client services and that have developed competencies in residential security services and monitoring; a “Kid-Safe” program; and a competency in electronic surveillance as well as wireless Internet and data base security. Furthermore, 1stSSO is developing the capability of bidding on State and Federal Government security contracts.


To discuss your specific security needs, or to schedule a FREE security assessment, contact Dan Lanzalaco at 877-950-SAFE (7233) or dlanz@1stsso.com.