Industrial Manufacturing and Food Service Security

Is your industrial, manufacturing or food security program a strategically planned and synergistic system that cost effectively prevents and mitigates your real threats and risks, or is it a collection of measures
developed over the years as a reaction to incidents and concerns?

1st Security Services of Ohio can take a leadership role and act as an organizational facilitator as your organization works to answer this question!

The security of manufacturing and industrial, as well as food and beverage production and processing and warehouse and distribution, facilities and operations is an issue of significant importance. Industrial, manufacturing and food security risks that may be faced could include workplace threats and violence, theft and pilferage, counterfeiting, sabotage, terrorist attack, trespassing, activist disruption, vandalism, contamination, etc. 1stSSO has found that many such facilities are
fairly accessible and that employee security awareness is often lacking or weak.

We can:

  1. Perform manufacturing, industrial or food security and vulnerability assessments and surveys;
  2. Develop or revise industrial security-related policies, plans and procedures;
  3. Develop self-assessment and audit methodologies;
  4. Train staff in conducting self-assessments and audits;
  5. Provide security awareness, first aid and workplace violence prevention training;
  6. Develop industrial emergency and crisis plans, to include workplace violence, bomb threats, terrorism, sabotage, contamination, etc.;
  7. Conduct penetration testing and reporting;
  8. Plan for strikes and work stoppages and work Security into EAP;
  9. Develop and enhance contract and proprietary security officer programs;
  10. Review and consult, or develop security departments.

Key Concepts of Effective Manufacturing, Industrial, Facility and Food and Beverage Security include (but not limited to):

  • A team-based manufacturing risk assessment elicits local, departmental and corporate buy-in, understanding and support by involving key staff in the process;
  • Positive and PROACTIVE security awareness by employees is the most powerful, cost effective and frequently neglected of all security countermeasures;
  • An effective manufacturing or food and beverage security program should complement existing programs and processes including safety awareness, environmental management, hiring and screening procedures, emergency and crisis planning and response, shipping and receiving, etc.
  • Overseas facilities (where appropriate) where planning for security risks and real vulnerabilities may be higher;
  • Most manufacturing and industrial firms have relatively comprehensive emergency planning and response processes, but those processes often don’t allow for security-related emergencies and crises;
  • Most firms have done relatively little concerning screening contractors, vendors, temporary workers, non-company drivers and other authorized “outsiders” who may have equal levels of access and exposure;
  • Personally conduct security assessments and report results self-assessment and planning processes can be developed that will elicit involvement by all facilities, large and small alike.
  • We can provide the support and expertise of the in-house security manager because most industrial firms do not have dedicated security managers. Typically the security function is managed by someone who wears “many hats,” who may be managers of HSE, Safety, Human Resources, Facilities Management/Maintenance or Engineering, etc.;
  • We can also assist with industrial security planning for higher risk situations such as potential strikes or labor stoppages, lay-offs, acquisitions, mergers, activist attention, downsizing, etc.

1st  Security Services of Ohio is your partner in total security services.  

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