Luxury Apartments & Housing Projects

Luxury Apartments and Government Housing Projects each present a  unique set of risks that require very different security solutions.

Luxury Apartments offer their residents a comfortable life-style that provides many special amenities. While they’re “home” residents should feel free and not threatened by the dangers and hazards encountered in open and otherwise very public locations.  Residents tend to have acquired a higher than average net worth, enjoy and display expensive personal items, and often-times keep valuables on their person or in their suites.  Whether residents are parking their cars; traversing from parking areas to their lobby; riding elevators; doing laundry; using pool, exercise or recreation facilities; walking the grounds or taking advantage of on-site shopping or banking they appreciate the peace-of-mind that
property management companies address their security needs.

1st Security Services of Ohio (1stSSO) presents solutions that achieve just the right balance between monitoring the flow of residents and visitors, providing physical and electronic surveillance, and roving uniformed guards and motor patrols.  1stSSO’s mission is to be visible to provide deterrence and prevention and otherwise invisible to residents giving them a feeling of confidence and absolute security 24/7.

Government Housing Projects are a valuable resource for many disadvantaged people because they provide housing and work to preserve individual dignity and the family unit.   However, they attract a local criminal element and are frequently a prime and repeated target for personal assaults, drugs, rapes and robbery.  Furthermore these incidents do not only occur after dark. Oftentimes these perpetrators are bold and brazen and take callous, violent, unlawful actions during daylight hours too.  Property management companies have a responsibility to take reasonable precautions and security to protect their tenants.

1stSSO can provide solutions for this environment too.  Uniformed security officers (armed and unarmed) will provide a high-level of public, prominent visibility to detour and prevent the negative actions taken against tenants mentioned above.  The total solution may require electronic surveillance and random and roving motor patrols.  1stSSO security officers will  be in immediate and constant contact with local neighbor law enforcement, medical and emergency response resources and 1stSSO management.  Whether day-time, night-time or weekends 1stSSO will be your partner for total security.


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