Create a Safe Environment in Schools, Churches and Public Events


1st Security Services of Ohio (1stSSO) cannot only provide security solutions, but can also help bring focus and resolution to several key organizational questions.

  1. Are your buildings, properties and campuses emergency and disaster plans timely, comprehensive and understood by all? In addition to natural disasters, fires and medical emergencies, do they comprehensively address purposeful
    incidents such as the intruder, threats and violence, abduction, bomb threats, terrorism (there are many types), sabotage, etc.?
  2.  How do you create and maintain an environment in which your students, members, staff and the general public feel safe and secure and ready to learn and grow?
  3. How do you balance your need to be a welcoming community asset against your duty to properly and reasonably protect your students, members, staff and assets?
  4. How can you cost effectively implement a level of physical and procedural security and safety that will properly address your risks and vulnerabilities?

1stSSO’s security and safety consulting services are always focused upon your unique culture, values, history, location, composition, risks, vulnerabilities, threats and budgets. We know that it is particularly essential to elicit the support for, understanding of, and involvement in comprehensive safety and emergency response by all staff, students, members and community emergency responders.

Our support includes:

Security and Safety Assessments and Continuous Surveys by:

  1. Interviewing key staff including administrative/district staff, principals, assistant/vice principals, custodians, maintenance staff, teachers, secretaries/receptionists, school resource officers, local law enforcement representatives, parents, etc.;
  2. Touring and observing the schools functioning, including evening reviews of lighting;
  3. Reviewing relevant materials including security and safety policies and procedures, emergency and crisis plans and procedures, HR policies, incident and activity reports, post orders, contracts, past audits and assessments, training materials, safety committee minutes, etc.;
  4. Providing and presenting a report outlining findings and prioritized recommendations;
  5. Reviewing/Updating Emergency Response and Crisis Management Planning to include bomb threat procedures, drill and response procedures for intruders and attackers;
  6. Providing periodic Safety and Security Awareness Training and Penetration Testing;
  7. Development and implement Security Self-Assessment and ongoing Security and Safety Audit Methodologies;
  8. The providing of ongoing security consulting support on a retainer basis (The Virtual Security Manager).

Our concern and focus for safety, security and emergency issues including:

  • Access Control (during normal hours of operations, as well as evening and weekend);
  • Emergency and Crisis Planning and Response Drills including a confidential schedule when drills will occur, and how to measure their success;
  • Visitor Management
  • Identification Procedures
  • Periodic Review of Security and Safety-related Policies and Procedures
  • Internal and External Protection Measures
  • Communications with all Audiences and Stakeholders, especially during and following incidents and emergencies
  • Equipment including Video, Lighting, Keys and Locks, Electronic Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Duress (Panic) Alarms, Contraband Detection, etc.
  • Law Enforcement, Community and Public Relations Liaison and Support
  • School Security Staffing and Management
  • Background Screening, etc.

Critical assets, and potential targets, to consider during our partnership, planning and continuous monitoring include:

  • Staff, including temps and substitutes
  • Students, Members, Visitors, Contractors/Vendors, etc.
  • Private Data and Personal Information
  • Equipment such as PC’s, AV, etc.
  • Food, Supplies, Cash, Books, Chemicals, AV materials, etc.
  • The Building (against vandalism, graffiti, etc.)
  • Vehicles, etc.

1st  Security Services of Ohio is your partner in total security services.  

To discuss your specific security needs, or to schedule a FREE security assessment, contact Dan Lanzalaco at 877-950-SAFE (7233) or