Online Application

Security Officers are typically required to work rotating shifts from time to time; and at least one weekend each month.  If you are unable to accommodate, please make your availability known during the application and hiring process.  We will do our best to work within your availability, but can not guarantee it.

How to Apply:

FIRST:  Please download and complete the following forms, but do NOT date them until 1stSSO confirms your actual start date and client locationUse BLACK INK only.

  1. Employment Application
  2. Employment Application Additional
  3. PSU0015 Employee Information Registration
  4. PSU0016 Armed Guard Application
  5. PSU0019 Web Check

SECOND:  Sign and scan your forms and/or email them to:  Please be sure to include copies the training certificates you have already completed and licenses your currently hold.  Or, you can mail them to:

Dan Lanzalaco

 1st Security Services of Ohio

P.O. Box 41244

Brecksville, Ohio 44141

THIRD: Schedule a time to have two (2) 2″x 2″ passport photos taken.  Also, schedule a time to have your fingerprints taken and background checked.  You will find that Walgreen can accommodate your passport photos; and your local Sheriff’s Office can process your fingerprints.  Please remember to take the form PSU 0019 with you when you have your fingerprints taken.  The Sheriff’s Office will provide you with a form that provides evidence that your fingerprints have been taken and sent to the appropriate State officials.

FOURTH: The standard uniform for 1stSSO Security Officers is Black Pants and Black Shirt (patches will be provided).  If you do not already have the standard Black uniform, or if you need replacements or additions to your uniform provide your pant and shirt sizes with the other requirements described here.  If you’d like a uniform and equipment order form please let us know.  Please indicate whether you can immediately reimburse 1stSSO for the cost, or you’d like to have it payroll deducted over 1 or 2 pay periods.  1stSSO always seeks to hold costs down and places uniform orders through  You can shop and order your own equipment by clicking on the link.

FINALLY: When 1stSSO is able to confirm your start date and our client, Dan Lanzalaco or Christine Kelly will contact you and schedule brief meeting to begin the On-Boarding process; date and sign your forms and review the General Orders for the site and Client we serve.  At this time Chris McCausland will also sign the forms and 1sSSO will prepare everything for mailing to the State.  This process may be accelerated so 1stSSO can be ready to mobilize and begin providing services to our Client on short notice.

1STSSO is an equal opportunity employer; and holds to the strictest State compliance for requirements defined in ORC #4749.  It benefits you to move through this process quickly and accurately and avoid delays.

You will be unable to begin work until all the necessary applications, pictures, prints, etc. are completed and submitted to the State of Ohio, Department of Public Safety.  The State will send 1stSSO your license to provide security, 1stSSO will give that license to you and will then provide you client site and employment start date.  If employment is terminated (by either you or 1stSSO) the license will be returned to 1stSSO and be sent to the State, Department of Public Safety.