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Achieving both an optimal and cost effective total security solution is usually beyond the knowledge and skills of any one individual, department or company.  Businesses operate or work in complicated environments and dangerous neighborhoods, and are fraught with great risk and liability. We do everything possible to deter and mitigate these risks and liabilities, as well as protect ourselves; your employees; your assets; and even critical competitive and confidential data; customers, clients and tenants; and above all our reputations.  This typically takes a “unique” mix of policy, protocol, people, technology, and audit and oversight.

It’s an awesome job and responsibility to integrate all these elements into an optimal and effective security platform while reducing your budgetary requirement.

1st Security Services of Ohio will provide the integration and balance necessary by providing armed or unarmed security officers; state-of-the-art electronic surveillance; motorized patrols and all the other elements of the “softer” side of security.

1st Security Services of Ohio is proud of its client retention record.  More than 95% of our clients are so completely satisfied with our services that they renew their shorter-term service agreements or long-term contracts.  In addition, 1st Security Services of Ohio performs a “Quality Service Inspection” (QSI) of all the shifts it schedules on a frequent and random basis.  Currently, 1stSSO Management performs QSIs on more than 26% of the shits it staffs as a way to guarantee deliverables.

If you have need for quality security services in any of the areas listed below, our  experience will serve you well:

  • Retail
  • Educational Centers
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation and Fuel Hubs / Centers
  • Gaming – Games of Skill
  • Government Housing / Apartment sites
  • Entertainment Establishments
  • Party Centers
  • Construction Sites
  • Historic Landmarks / Grounds
  • Special Public Events

To discuss your specific security needs, or to schedule a FREE security assessment, contact Dan Lanzalaco at 877-950-SAFE (7233) or