K9 Security Services

1st Security Services of Ohio Corporation delivers comprehensive security solutions and provides clients with valuable peace of mind throughout Ohio. Call 1-877-950-7233 to hire one of our K9’s today.

Guard Dog and Handler

1st Security Services of Ohio Corporation specializes in guard/patrol dogs, detection dogs and protection dogs.  Each dog and handler work together as a team to prevent loss, criminal intent and disruption to business.  We pride ourselves in training and knowledge of both the dog and the handler, and all of our handlers are fully trained in security operations.  Our handlers and dogs both receive continuous training to ensure they are always working at peak performance.  Each dog and handler are fully licensed, trained and insured for any assignment.

We offer a Security Risk Assessment to identify, evaluate and analyze the security risks unique to your needs.  Once complete, we will discuss with you how we can implement a security solution tailored specifically to you.  We can also provide demonstrations of our dogs at work to illustrate how effective our K9’s can be for you and your facility.  Whatever your security requirements, 1st Security Services of Ohio strives to provide 1st-class, professional service at affordable prices.

Our full range of K9 Security Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Explosives
  • Criminal Apprehension
  • Building and Area Patrols
  • Narcotics Detection
Please call 1st Security Services of Ohio at 1-877-950-7233 to hire one of our K9’s today!